Friday, November 20, 2015

Font Friday - Give It Your Heart

I know I always say Happy Friday, but this week it's an EXTRA Happy Friday!  I am off next week, so today is my last day of work for 9 days!  Woohoo!  That makes it not just a Happy Friday, but a thrilling Friday for me.

Here's today's font:

I like this for a plain, simple font.  It's better than your normal fonts that come with Windows, but not swirly or girly, so you can still use it for most things.

You can dowload it HERE.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Font Friday - Maxim

Happy Font Friday!  This week has been so long... I am thrilled it's Friday!  Today I have a new font to share with you.  It's lovely!

This is Maxim.  It's it purty?  I love the swooshy letters.  It looks handwritten, which is just wonderful, in my humble opinion. 

You can download this font HERE.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cute & Simple Halloween Cards

Earlier in the week I posted some cute little Halloween treat bags for my co-workers.  Of course, I had to make cards to go along with them!

I made 6 different cards, mixing and matching the colors using up my scraps from last Halloween.  They were easy and fast to make.

Each card measures around 3" x 3".  I took a simple pennant shape and imported it into Silhouette Design Studio.  I flipped one over and welded them together to make cards.  For ease of folding, I added a score line in the middle of each card so it cut that for me.

I then used the internal offset function to make some layers to cut my patterend paper.  

The font I used is apparently unavailable now, but it's very similar to Galpon from DaFont.  You can get it HERE.  For the font, I used the offset feature to make an outline, then welded the letters together.

I love Halloween colors!  I had a blast making these fun little cards.  It's been a long time since I've sat at my craft desk and played.  It was wonderful.  And I must do it again very soon!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Cheezy Poofs!

Halloween is just around the corner.  Are you ready?

Every holiday, I have great intentions.  I decide I’m going to make these fabulous treat bags or boxes full of fabulous goodies for my family, friends and co-workers.  Most holidays, I’m good to just show up with whatever I agree to bring, much less something cutesy and fun.  I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and then I run out of time for the fun things… like making treat bags!

This year, however, I have turned over a new leaf.  I am trying to stop doing things out of obligation and do more of what I want, in my downtime. 

So, guess what?  I made Halloween bags for my co-workers!  I totally stole the idea from Pinterest, so I can’t take credit for the creative genius, but I did them my own way. 

I started with a GIANT tub of cheezy poofs.  (Yes, I realize they are actually called cheese puffs, but thanks to my husband and his younger days of watching Southpark, they will forever be known as “cheezy poofs” in our household!)

That sucker is massive, huh?  You can see my Silhouette machine to the right, just for scale.  I got this whole tub at Sam’s for about $6.00.  What a bargain!

I bought some treat bags and measured them to see how much space I had for the faces.  On Pinterest, everyone had drawn the faces using Sharpie markers.  What?!?!?  They obviously don’t own a Silhouette.

I went to Google and searched “jack o lantern faces clip art” and got tons of cute little faces.  I imported a few of them into design studio, then traced them.  Voila!  I cut the faces from some scraps of black vinyl I had in my stash and applied to the bags. 

After all the faces were applied, I filled them with cheesy goodness and tied with twine.  Sooooo cute!

I love these little guys!  

If you haven’t yet made Halloween goodies, this is an easy and quick project you could do tonight.  Of course, if you try it, I’d love to see your pictures.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Font Friday!

I’ve been off track for a few weeks, but I think I’m back on.  It’s time for Font Friday! 

You know I’ve been doing Font Friday for a long time now and it seems there are still so many fonts to share with you.  Does the font goodness ever end?  Nope!  Praise the Lord, the fonts keep a'comin!

Today's font is fun and cheery and lovely!

This fab font is DK Lemon Yellow Sun.  I told you it was cheery!

You can download it HERE.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Font Friday...on Tuesday!

Howdy folks!  Welcome to Font Friday....on Tuesday!  I set this to post last Friday but it didn't happen.  I love this font and still wanted to share, so here it is.

I LOVE this font!  It's so swirly and thick and retro.  Get it - I know you'll love it!

You can download it HERE.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Batman Card

My co-worker ordered a card from me for her sister's 18th birthday.  Apparently, she's a huge Batman fan, so she found an idea on Pinterest asked me to recreate it.  She wanted me to merge two cards. Here's the inspiration...

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

And here's what I came up with...

I created this on my Silhouette.  (Sorry for the bad lighting...I finished late at night!)  I also was lazy and didn't set up my photo tent so please ignore my messy desk!  My co-worker told me what she wanted it to say, but I designed the rest.
To create the cityscape, I found an image on Google and traced it in my Silhouette.  I added the windows, made a compound path and cut it in black.  Then, I removed the windows and cut a yellow layer to put behind it.  For the words, I designed them in Silhouette as well and used the print and cut feature.  The font is KG Beneath Your Beautiful.

The Bat Signal is attached with an Action Wobble.  You can purchase these on Amazon HERE.

I love Action Wobbles!  I think they make whimsical cards so much better.  Here's a side view.

And get ready for it....

The Action Wobble in action!

One more.  I was quite impressed with my speedy photography skills to catch this.  Wow.  Love these little springs!

Here's the inside of the card.  Again, I found the image online and traced it in Silhouette Studio.

She texted me after I'd already made the card and asked for a gift card holder to be added.  Nothing fancy, but I put this inside.

If you ever need a card for a super hero in your life, go ahead - use this layout!  It's easy and fun!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Font Friday

It's Friday font time!!  Woohoo!!

This comes from dafont and you can download it HERE.

I love the drama of the capital letters.  This is a great font!