Saturday, July 26, 2014


Have you hear of Miss Kate Cuttables? She is a fabulous gal who designs and offers a FREE SVG file every day!  You can visit her site HERE. I love her files.  They're super cute and easy to cut and layer.

I downloaded this cute little bee from there.  I have a friend who really likes Sunflowers and I saw a similar "split card" (don't know the official name...ha ha) made using a daisy.  I thought I would try one with a sunflower and the bee.

I created the base for the card in my Silhouette software.  It was really hard to photograph, but it's pretty cute in person.  The card measures around 5"x 5".

When I cut the little bee he was so tiny, I had to draw on the eyes and mouth.  I added everything to the front with several layers of foam to make it POP!  

On another subject, I am in the process of creating a planner/home management binder/budget book....etc.  Do any of you use that on a daily or weekly basis?  I purchased several items in the ARC line of products by Staples and am trying to design my own pages.  Once it's complete, I will share it all with you, but was wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions as I'm setting it up?  I hope to have sections for meal planning, budgeting, blog posts, calendar and notes/receipts. If you aren't familiar with the ARC system, here's a link to their products:

Have a blessed day,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Trimmer Help!

A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of making several cards and had a huge mess on my desk.  I dropped my trimmer in the floor beside my desk because it was taking up too much room and totally forgot about it.  I'm sure you can imagine what happened next.  I got up to take a potty break and SNAP!  I stepped right on the arm that swings out to measure the paper.  Here's what I was left with...

I broke the poor thing's arm!  {sad face}

I can cut anything out to 5.25" and that's it.  So now I'm on a quest for a new trimmer.  This is a big decision for me.  I am pretty picky about trimmers.  I have had several that have been mediocre and I would like to have one I love - but what to choose?

I need your help!  What trimmer do you use?  Do you love it?

Here are the few I've been looking at on Amazon: (These are affiliate links)

I have never owned a swing-arm or guillotine style trimmer and I never really wanted one until I used this super old one at work.  I was cutting coupons at lunch and a co-worker told me we had one stashed in the back.  I love it!  The thing is that it's great for coupons, but will I love it for crafting????  I just don't know.

Here's the other one I was looking at.  I really like rotary style trimmers and that's what I've used for a while now.  This one folds out to cut 12" paper, but then folds flat for storage.  It's a bit higher, but I'm willing to pay it if it works well.

I really like the measuring grid on this one, but I don't like this blade style.  I find that this type of blade tends to rip the paper instead of cut.  My friend has this kind and really likes it, but my OCD kicks in if I even see a little "fringe" on the paper due to the blade.

Sooooo.... Can you help me decide?  I would like to order one in the next day or two and would love your input.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello Sunshine!


Hello, sunshine!

I made this card for a friend of mine who has been facing some hard times.  I wanted something sunny and happy and fun!

Here's a close up of the center of my sun.  I added a few gems because everything is better with bling.  I inked the edges of everything with black.  I was worried the black would be too harsh, but I didn't want to use brown and didn't have some gray ink.  I gotta get some of that...

I made a little cloud, cut it out and put my stamp on there.  This was a cheapo, dollar bin stamp and I like it.

Although this was super simple, I really enjoyed making it.  The paper is from The Basics stack by The Paper Studio.  I designed this in the Silhouette Studio software.  I thought I'd share the file in case you all were interested in it.  Here's the link:

Happy Crafting!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Box Cards....again!

Last week, I shared a box card I made for Mother's Day and I wanted to share the other with you today.  

As most of you know, we moved a few months back.  When we moved, the lights I use for taking my photos got broken.  I must apologize for the pitiful pictures.  My hubby is helping me create a new light box and set up now, but it's not done yet.  Just ignore the bad pics, ok?  Pretend they look perfect and pretty and fancy!!

This is the same file I used on the other box card.  All the papers (on both cards) are by Recollections from Michaels.  These papers are some of my faves, but they're very thin so you have to really tweak your settings when cutting them.

 This is the second card I made and as you can see, my printing and cutting is a little better than before...

 Again, please ignore the horrible shadows.  What an awful pic!

And last, the outside of the box/card.  I love this yellow paper.  It's sunny and happy and fun!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My first SVG

Making SVG's is something I've wanted to try for a while now... and I finally did.  I'm certainly still learning and it's not perfect, but I wanted to share it anyway!

I wanted to make some cute goodies for my co-workers to celebrate Independence Day and I figured "Why not make my own box?".  Here's what I came up with...

Here's my fun little box!

As you can see from the side view, it's open on top and you can fill it with goodies and snacks!  In the file, you'll get the box and the two star layers on the front.  I added a ribbon and some twine on the front.  I didn't have a July 4th stamp, so I just handwrote the sentiment.  Not the greatest, but it will work in a pinch.  I also didn't have any "stuffing" for the box, so I just cut some strips and ran them through my paper crimper.

If you'd like to download the file, you can get it HERE.  Since this is my first try, please send me pics of anything you make.  I'd also love to hear from you guys if you like it or if you don't or if you just wanna say hi!


Monday, June 30, 2014

Box Cards!

For all you Silhouette users out there, have you tried anything from yet?  I purchased my first set of files from them a few weeks ago and I really like them.  I made a couple of the box cards for Mother's Day and I'm finally gonna share one of them...

Aren't these box cards fun?  If you've never made one, they fold flat and will fit in an A2 sized envelope.  Now that I've seen how they're put together, I think I'm going to design a few of my own.  I have all kinds of ideas....

I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette for the first time here.  you can see my printing wasn't perfectly lined up on my oval, but I think I figured out what I did and I've gotten better at it since then. 

 Here's a front view of the card sitting on my desk.

And here's what it looks like folded up!  I had a great time making this.  I would recommend you try one if you access to the file.

On another note, I have wanted to start designing SVG files for a long time.  I have finally finished my first one.  It's a flower and I'll have it posted in a day or two for you to download.  I have to make sure I have it all done correctly, then I'll be sharing with you guys.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Font Love!

Fonts are fabulous!  Don't you think?  I have been working on several projects and as I was trying to decide which one to share with you first, I decided I would share some super fab fonts!  I am such a serious font addict that it's not even funny.  I love beautiful typography and handwriting and lettering.  It just makes my heart happy. Here are a few fun fonts I adore ...


Monday, June 2, 2014

Free Printable Scripture

Happy Monday everyone!  Around Mother's Day, I tried my hand at designing some chalkboard art.  I had every intention of posting it then and I totally forgot.  I came across the file on my computer and figured I'd share it now if any of you are interested. 
Click HERE to download.

I printed this out and put it in a white frame for my mom.  I found a nice one on Amazon and its has free shipping if you're a Prime member.  Which you should be, because it's awesome!  Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon to check out the frame.  While you're there, shop around.  Anything you purchase through my link helps support Pink and Paper.  Thanks for supporting me!

I am just diving into the world of printables, word art, etc.  I hope to have more to share with you guys soon!