Friday, July 3, 2015

Font Friday is back!

It's time again for Font Fridays!  I haven't done this in a while and I've missed it.  Here's a great new font for ya just in time for Independence Day!

This fabulous font is Playball from 1001 Fonts.
Get it HERE free.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Happy Tuesday!  It's a short week because of the Independence Day holiday and I'm counting down....

To sleeping in...

To being lazy...

To having some much needed craft time....

To organizing my pantry....

To cleaning my craft room....

I have some big plans for this weekend, but I have doubts in my ability to follow through on this entire plan.  I always start out a long weekend with great motivation and plans, but somehow I get derailed.  If I'm being completely honest, what usually sidetracks me is Pinterest, Lifetime movies, and Investigation Discovery.  Kinda pathetic, huh?  

On a side note, if you haven't watched Investigation Discovery channel, you should!  It's a total guilty pleasure.  I love it!  I am currently hooked on a show called "Deadly Relations".  It's all about crazy families and murders committed by brothers and mother-in-laws and other nutty relatives.  I must admit, I recorded a bunch of shows on that channel in anticipation of my long weekend.  I will turn them on in my craft room and listen/watch while I work.  If I work....

I haven't posted in a few days and I was perusing Pinterest this morning while walking to my office.  (I work in a hospital and the trek from my car is close to 10 minutes, so I have to entertain myself.)  I came across a board on my hubby's Pinterest account that's called "Wife would love".  He's always sending me emails or texts with pictures of cute things and they're all saved on this board.  I decided I wanted to share some cuteness with you because cute animals make ANY day better.

I'm normally not fond of anything that even resembles a mouse, but OMG, the sweater!

Bunnies!  I love them all!  I especially love Clarence, who I named and love because he visits our yard almost every day.  He's my friend and we have lovely conversations.

Did you know otters hold hands while they're floating in the water so they don't float away from each other?  Seriously.  I need some.

Not only is he fluffy and adorable....he's pink! If they stayed this small and cute, I'd have ten.

HEDGEHOG!  I want a hedgehog village.  I want to have a ton of them all running around together with their cute little hands and feet.  

This one's for my hubby.  He loves foxes.  And I don't mean women...ha ha!  

And....I saved the best for last!  I love, love, love elephants.  My favorite is African elephants because of their big ears, but I love them all.  I want to own one and I shall name him Alfred.  I will teach him tricks and I will go swimming with him and love him with all of my heart.  True story.  I have wanted an elephant for years.  They're just so cool....

Adios, peeps, and Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Nostalgia: Bon Jovi

The other night, we went to our friend's house and were working on a project.  They had recently moved and were cleaning out old boxes.  As I was sitting at the kitchen table in full craft mode, my friend DJ placed an item in front of me.  Something that doesn't hold much value for many others, but to me, it was awesome.  Here's a picture...

An original Bon Jovi cassette tape.

Be still my heart.

Oh, the nostalgia!

The hair.

The music.

Rewinding and fast forwarding 14 times to get just the right spot.

It all puts a giant smile on my face.

Let's walk back in time for a moment and enjoy the music.

I was born in 1975.  (Yes, I will be the big 4-0 this year!!!)  During my youth, we didn't have mp3 players or even CD players.  We had cassette players...boom boxes...tape players.  I remember at one point my dad got a new one, so he gave me the old one.  It had places for two tapes and I knew at that moment I had moved up in the world.

Not only could I play my beautiful cassettes, I could play a tape in one side and record a song from it to a tape in the other side.... a.k.a. the mixed tape!  Sadly, the only mixed tape every given to me was full of sad songs from the boy I broke up with in ninth grade.  Ouch!  

Children today will never have the joy of opening that squeaky case, pulling out a cassette and putting it in the "tape deck".  They will never remember hitting the play button, only to find out it's on the wrong song, thus starting the process of rewinding and fast forwarding for 10 minutes to get to just the right spot.  Yes, at the time, it was a little annoying, but if I'm being honest, I sorta miss it.  Is that nuts?  

How about when the boom box decides to eat your tape, so you carefully remove it with the tape hanging out the bottom, then put a pencil in the hole and slowly roll it back up so you can still listen?  And holding your breath hoping it will still play? Remember that?  Those were great days.

Of course, we can't forget to take a moment to think about Jon Bon Jovi himself.  

Ahhh....Hello, Jon.  What an interesting jacket.... I loved that fringe.

Wow.  The hair. I had forgotten how jealous I was that he had that hair and I didn't.  

And the entire band....  80's fashion never gets old.  I mean, who wouldn't wear a technicolor dream coat to play power ballads?  Or black and white striped spandex pants....on a man?  The 80's were amazing.  And no one will convince me otherwise.

And of course, here he is now.  Still gorgeous, still making great music.  We love you, Jon!

Thank you, DJ, for giving me a wonderful gift that sent me down memory lane.  It was a great trip!



Monday, April 27, 2015

FREE Spring Fonts

You all know I love fonts, right?  I haven't downloaded any in way too long.  So, I binged on some font downloading and found some great ones for Spring.  Lucky you, I'm gonna share them with ya!
(Links are below the picture)


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Have a Successful & Fabulous Garage Sale

Garage sales and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love getting great deals.  I love browsing through people's junk in the hopes of finding that one great item.  I love making money on my junk.  I HATE planning, setting up and having a garage sale.

My mom loves them.  I mean really, really loves them.  As a kid, I can remember she and my grandmother having garage sales every summer.  And now that grandma is gone and I'm grown, we have one every year.  Don't get me wrong, I love it when it's over and I have a few hundred bucks in my pocket.  But I despise the process.

Over the years, we've become garage sale pros.  We've learned the hard way what not to do and what makes our life easier.  I'd like to share some of that wisdom with you...

Don't wait until the week of your sale to start planning.  Decide on a date and begin collecting things around the house that you want to sell.  Every year, we have our sale during the citywide garage sale in our town.  It's always at the end of April or first week of May, so we essentially plan all year.  I keep a tub in my craft room and drop stuff in as I clean or re-arrange my house.  Once that one is full, it goes to the garage and I start on the next.  The last couple of weeks before the sale, I do a quick run through of cabinets, drawers and closets and make sure there's nothing else I want to get rid of.  After all, the point is to get rid of stuff and make money!  It makes me no money sitting in my closet.

No matter how valuable you think your stuff is, other people will not feel the same.  Remember you're selling used items to folks looking for bargains.  I can only speak for myself, but a lot of my garage sale purchases aren't because I really need the item, but more because I think it's a great bargain.  Also, make sure you price everything ahead of time.  Customers don't like to have to ask for prices and usually they won't.  You will miss out on a lot of sales if you don't price things ahead of time.  If you're having a multi-family sale, remember to color code your price tags or put your initial on each tag so you can keep track of sales.

Advertising is your best friend.  No one will come if they don't know it's there.  Before the sale, take out an ad in the newspaper for your sale days and utilize social media.  You can advertise on Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter.  Send a text to all your friends and let them help spread the word.

On the day of the sale, be sure to put out bright, legible signs.  Make sure each sign has your address and dates/times of your sale.  You should plan to put a sign at your house (on the mailbox or by the curb), at the entrance to your neighborhood or the end of your street and one or two at a main intersection close by.

No one wants to shop in a messy, gunky garage.  Set up tables and place like items together.  Don't pile things on top of each other and try to arrange everything neatly.  Try to keep everything on the tables, but if you have to put items on the ground, aim for bigger items.  This will keep your patrons from having to crouch down and dig through boxes on the ground.  Put "teaser" items outside so they can be seen from the street.  Many people will drive by and look before coming in, so you have to catch them with your set up.  

If you have things in your garage that aren't for sale, make sure they're covered or out of sight.  Years ago, my dad purchase a brand new weed eater and decided to sell the old one in the garage sale.  My mom ended up selling the new one for dirt cheap.  That did not set well with the padre.  Needless to say, after that, we learned to put away things that weren't for sale.

Checkout can be a giant mess.  In year's past, its been feast or famine at our sale.  You may have no one in the garage, then BOOM, twenty people are ready to check out.  If you have a good set up, this will go smoothly.

At your checkout table, you want to have bags and/or boxes, a calculator and a money bag with change.  When we run our sale, one person bags and calls out prices while the other writes it down and tallies it on the calculator.  If someone gives you a large bill, it's wise to leave it on the table until you count their change back so there is no confusion or accusation from the customer.  

Since we all accumulate junk (way too much of it, too!), a garage sale is a great way to earn some pocket change and de-clutter your house.  If you do it right, your sale will be successful and fabulous!



Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shaker Card Obsession

So, I know shaker cards have been around for a while.  But, for some reason I never cared about them until now.  I have become obsessed with shaker cards.  I am not sure why but I just love them all of a sudden!  I bought a bunch of micro beads on clearance at Michael's, so I'm ready to make a whole slew of 'em!

When I made this card, I hadn't yet accumulated all my beautiful micro beads, so I used my hole punch and punched a ton of holes to fill the "window".

I'm really happy with the way it turned out!  I cut "Thanks" using my Silhouette Cameo.  I used a fancy font, then welded the letters together.

For the window, I used acetate paper.  I found a really good deal on this through Amazon. It's by Grafix and you get 25 sheets for about 10 bucks with free shipping if you're a Prime member.  Love this stuff!  You can buy it here:

Have you ever made a shaker card?  If so, I'd love to see it!  Please share!


This post contains affiliate links.  Clicking the link and purchasing through Amazon helps support Pink and Paper.  Thanks for your support!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rainbow Meal Planning Printable!

Meal planning is a challenge for me.  I don't know why I struggle so much with it, but it just drives me up the wall!  I know that when I do plan our meals we eat better, lose weight and save money.  It's a goal of mine to plan our meals for at least a couple weeks at a time, but right now one week is an accomplishment for me.  

Sooooooo..... I decided one way to get inspired was to make a fun meal planning sheet.  I love bright colors and especially rainbows.  I printed several of these and am going to take them to work tomorrow, log in to Pinterest and plan away!

I thought I'd share it with you guys and hopefully inspire you to plan too!

You can download your FREE printable meal planner HERE.

Happy Planning!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flowery Card

I saw a card on Pinterest a while back and I loved the style, so I decided to use that for inspiration.  Sadly, I didn't pin the card so I can't share the inspiration pic with you all.

Until a few weeks ago, I hadn't been crafty in a few months.  I decided I was ready to play with paper again and I'm working on building up my stash of cards.  I like to have cards on hand in case I forget a birthday and need a card right away... or just want to drop a note to a friend.

As you can tell from the pic, the front of the card is basically a half sheet.  I designed it on my Silhouette, cut it, then added the flowers.

I cut the flowers in a couple of different sizes and layered them with foam dots.  I added enamel dots to the center of each flower.  I made the enamel dots myself and I'll post about that soon so you do it too!

I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  It was fairly simple and I think I can easily make several different cards using this style as a template.

I'm off to make more cards....