Saturday, October 4, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I am a big chicken.  Like seriously, I am a 39 year old woman (WOW - That birthday last month made me feel a little old...) who is still somewhat afraid of the dark.  I don't really like to admit this but my hubby works nights, so I'm alone a lot in the dark.  If I have to wake up in the middle of the night and go to another room of the house, you can guarantee my house is lit up like the Griswald's yard at Christmas.  I turn on lights as I go.  

I do not watch scary movies, nor do I go to haunted houses.  When I was dating Charles, he thought it would be fun to go to a haunted forest out in the woods.  Now, at the time, I thought I could handle it because I was going to try new things and not be afraid.  Well, that lasted all of 47 seconds.  I started panicking while we were in line.  Once we started to walk in, I told Charles to walk behind me and keep his hands on my arms.  I proceeded to pull the hood on my jacket as tight as possible and never opened my eyes.  Fortunately, we had other folks with us, so I waked behind them and they sorta led me through.  It was horrifying.  And no, I wasn't a young teen then.... I was 26.  Sad, I know.

I said all of this to say that Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays.  They show scary movies on TV for weeks ahead, people have scary things on their porches, and you never know when something might jump out from behind the bushes.

This year, I have strangely enjoyed getting ready for Halloween.  I am not sure why, but I keep seeing fun things like sparkly pumpkins and cute owls and now I like it a little more.  I was hoping to maybe even decorate my house, and decided to make some printables.  I posted one last week HERE.

This is my second, and my favorite.  I really don't want anything wicked to come this way, but I love the fonts and stuff.

You can download this printable as a PNG file HERE or as a PDF file HERE.

If you print this and decorate with it, I'd love to see the pictures!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Awesome "A" Fonts

I need to go to font rehab.  Seriously.  Since I got my Sihouette Cameo and it can cut ANY fabulous font I can find, I can't stop downloading.  I seriously cannot stop.  Typography is sooooo beautiful and I adore lovely lettering.  It's a sickness.  But a good one, right?

I thought, since I can't stop downloading, I would share the font drug with all of you. 

Enjoy, but beware.

Once you're hooked, there's no turning back.

Happy Fonting!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Planner in Progress

A few weeks ago, I purchased some item from the Arc system by Staples.  If you're not familiar with that, check it out HERE.  I am totally enthralled with making my own planner and notebooks using these discs and the printables I plan to make..someday.  The problem is that I've been busy and have yet to set up my planner, make the pages and fancy it up.  

Having my priorities straight, I decided to cut a vinyl design for the front of my empty planner...  It's a start, right?

The weeding was a giant pain in my hiney, but I love it!  This is one of my favorite scriptures and one of my favorite fonts.  You can get the font HERE.

I will be filling the planner soon...I hope.  I will share those pages just as soon I stop procrastinating and do it!

If you're interested in making your own planner or notebooks using the Arc system, you can purchase what you need on Amazon by going HERE.  Everything you buy through this link helps support Pink and Paper.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Honey, Have you seen the remote?

Since my bout with meningitis in January, my memory has been less than stellar.  I'm told the after effects of the virus are similar to those of a traumatic brain injury.  While I am getting better with time - and believe that God healed me - I am not fully back to normal yet.  One of the worst things I do with this crazy memory of mine is carry stuff into other rooms with me, put it down, then forget about it until I need it again.  I know some people do this without a "brain injury", but I'm telling ya, I do it ALOT!

We look for our remotes regularly.

Like almost daily.

Because I've carried them to another room absentmindedly.

The strangest place we've found one is on the shelf where we keep our towels in the back bathroom.  I was folding towels one day on my couch, watching TV.  I picked up the towels to put away and apparently had the remote in my hand.  I put it on the shelf under the towels.  Fortunately, since I've done this so much lately, we now know to retrace my steps and we found it in a mere 25 minutes.

I'd seen this on Pinterest a while back and had it on my to do list.  I grabbed some vinyl scraps and did this:

I just got a TV for my craft room, thus prompting me to move this project to the top of my list.  I cannot imagine how much I could mix up 3 remotes instead of 2!

Of course, I used pink vinyl to match the pink theme of my craft room.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it.  I tried measuring the remotes, but as you can see by how large the letters are, I didn't plan too well.  I decided even though they're HUGE, I am not re-cutting them.  

The font I used was Caprica Script.  You can download it HERE.

I used painter's tape as my transfer tape to put them on.  It took a whopping 5 minutes and this project was done!

If you label your remotes using vinyl or stickers or whatever, I'd love to see a pic!

On a final note, Pink and Paper is finally back on Facebook.  Check me out at


Saturday, September 20, 2014

FREE Halloween Printable

I am seriously need of some Halloween decor for my home.  We moved earlier this year and I'm really excited about giving out candy on Halloween.  At our old house, we NEVER had trick-or-treaters, so I'm hopeful we will have a bunch here.  I am on a tight budget right now, so I can't buy a ton of stuff.  I've decorated a tub for my candy (I'll be posting that in a few days), I'm going to get a pumpkin to carve and/or paint and I decided to make some printables to frame.

Here's the first one:
I'm planning on a making a few more, but figured I'd start with a fun one.  I'm kind of a chicken about scary things, so I like fun Halloween stuff.  When you start sending ax murderers (even pretend) my way, I tend to act like a little child cry/run/panic/faint!

It will print on a regular sized piece of paper and the picture is 8x10, so you can just cut out and frame.  You can download it in PDF format HERE or as a PNG file HERE.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I {heart} Paper Flowers!

I've expressed in the past my love for paper flowers.  I love creating them and have to stop myself from using them on EVERYTHING I make.  Since I got my Cameo, I haven't made many because I've been trying to find files that are just right.  I have the Flower Shoppe Cartridge for Cricut, but it's up on the top shelf, I'm super short and I don't wanna dig it out!  Soooo...  Here's my first "real" flower using the Cameo.  It's ok...but I know I can do better.

Love that giant flower!!

I saw the yellow part on Pinterest and cut it by hand.  I will be designing a file on my Silhouette because I really like how it looks.

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Simple Card

I love making cards.  I know most of you that follow this blog do some type of paper crafting.  And wouldn't you agree that there's not much better in the world than sitting at your craft desk on a lazy Saturday afternoon just playing with paper and glue and glitter? It's loverly.

It's taking me a while to adjust from the world of Cricut to Silhouette.  I am so used to flipping through the Cricut books and looking at images on cartridges and finding images for the Silhouette is so different.  I LOVE the versatility and functions of this machine - and I will never go back - but I'm still gathering images and so making cards has proven to be a little more challenging when designing.  I made this from a free SVG I came across on Pinterest.

I stamped the sentiment, then went over the word "wish" with my Gelly Roll Stardust pen in clear.  It doesn't photograph well, but in person, it's just clear with sparkles and makes the words look groovy.  You can get the pens here:

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pinterest Fun!

Sooo....I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  

I crave it.  

I long for it.  

Almost as much as Dr. Pepper and Doritos....  

It's quite sad, yet extremely gratifying.  It's like the Bermuda Triangle of the internet.  Once I'm there, I may or may not return.  

That being said, I was perusing Pinterest today at work and found some fun stuff I thought I'd share.  Here are my random Pinterest picks of the week:

Enough said, right?  I freely admit that once I'm home for the night, the bra is off.  As a rather busty girl (trust me - it stinks!), bras are difficult to buy, fit and find.  They are uncomfortable devices of torture to me and I am free of them as soon as possible!  Of course, the problem is if I were to get this shirt I'd have to wear a bra with it cuz we don't need our girls falling out the sides, right?  It's our lot in life as women, I suppose.  {sigh}

As you know, I saw the light and got a Silhouette Cameo at the beginning of this year.  I love the machine but am still learning all the things it can do.  I must try this.

I have recently fallen for the hype....jumped on the bandwagon...drank the kool-aid, so to speak...

I bought a tub of coconut oil.  A-maz-ing!

This stuff works for so many things.  Recently, my mom (who has dry skin like I do) told me she had started using this a nightly moisturizer.  So, I tried that a couple days ago.  My skin actually feels better.  Shock!  I was skeptical.  Since I loved the coconut oil, I'm sure would love this DIY cream too.  It's on my list.

How adorable is this?  I have no open walls in which to place it, but I want one!  But let's get real - Does any one's desk stay this tidy and coordinated?  Mine sure doesn't.  And that chair looks horrible uncomfortable.  But it would look great in my pretend house that never gets messy and doesn't actually get used!

Absolutely!  Enough said.

Have a great Thursday!